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About us

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Our team’s motto is always to return your machine that’s fully functional once again.

The kind of customer service we offer ensures satisfaction of our clients. We also tend to be our customers’ first recommendation in case their family and friends need computer and mobile repair service.

Our stern practice of finding the root cause of technical problems in every device sets us apart from competitors.

Your laptop shuts down after overheating? Your new iPhone has started lagging? You’ve got WiFi connectivity issues at home or work? Solution Guru will gladly fix all such problems at the root levels, so your tech gadgets perform at their best.
We’ll provide you the level of attention to detail that’s crucial for long lasting solutions to your computer issues. Our team is well equipped to cater you with services such as:

  • Mobile and Laptop Repair
  • Antivirus
  • Computer Technician
  • Home and Business Computer Services
  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • iPhone Repair, Android Repair
  • IT Solutions
  • MacBook and PC Support
  • iPad Repair

Dealing with unnecessary frustration after spending your hard earned money on the gadgets is not worth it. That’s why we want you to contact us when you need repair services for your laptop, smartphone or any other gadget.

Talented technicians at Solution Guru are just a call away.

Our process

1. You call us

You may call us at any time convenient for you. Our consultant will record the cause of failure of the gadget, your contact details and direct to you the wizard.

2. Arrival and diagnosis

After the arrival of the master diagnose gadget. Depending on the complexity of the repair, will make repairs on the spot or take away the gadget in the workshop.

3. Repair

Produced careful repair with replacement of parts only of the original production. You can not worry about the integrity of the data on the phone.

4. Return to the specified address

After a repair is completed our consultant will contact You and specify address and delivery time. Thank you.

on site support

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