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Computer Support

Computer Support service

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Computer Support

Our team of professional technicians is able to diagnose and fix errors on every brand of desktop or laptop including MacBooks. From virus detection and removal to RAM and hard drive upgrades. Call us and it’ll be taken care of.


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computer repair and help

We find causality of your computer’s slow speed and subpar performance. It could either be a hardware problem or software one. But you don’t have to worry about it, that’s our job.

Computer Tune Up and Optimization

Our technicians inspect hardware of your personal computer to find out what’s working and what needs servicing. We take similar measures in case of issue with Operating System or other software.

Computer Speed Up

Have you just taken the shiny new personal computer out of the box? Whether it’s an Apple MacBook, or a desktop running Windows, our team will prepare it for your desired usage. From necessary software installations to personalizing usage settings, we’ll get it done.

Data Back up and Transfer

Data is perhaps one of the most precious commodities today. Losing the stuff on your computer can be hazardous for business. Plus transferring huge amount of data could be tricky. You don’t have to worry about it, let our experts work on such delicate matters.

Computer Set Up

Sudden lags in personal computers are annoying. The reasons range from RAM storage to buggy programs etched into the system. Through our specified diagnosis we are able to find and fix the problem every single time.

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