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Wifi and Network

Wifi and Network service

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Wifi and Network

Every business should deservingly rely on worry-free, secure and high-performance Wi-Fi to spark growth and boost productivity. Solution Guru can turn any cabin, room or building into a workspace with excellent network coverage.


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Wifi And Connectivity Support

You cannot get tasks done on a tired and spotty internet connection, which is why we believe in providing seamless connectivity solutions to our clients.

Signal Extension

People should be able to make most of the internet service they’re paying for. However, full utilization of internet connectivity or Wi-Fi routers is not an easy task. That’s why you should call Solution Guru.

Wifi Password Reset And Recovery

Different routers have different protocols for password recovery and resetting. Our know-all expert will save you the headache of worrying about it.

Wifi Troubleshooting

How many times has your Wi-Fi failed you while you were onto some important task on the web? It seems to happen a lot, but our troubleshooting software is able to find root causes and fix them.

Wifi Security And Optimization

Every Wi-Fi router has different levels and types of security. Businesses are strongly recommended to work under a secure network. Solution Guru is unmatched when it comes to optimizing networks and making them safe for usage.

Wifi Connection To Computer

It’s easy to connect your MacBook with wi-fi, much easier in case of smartphones. But connecting desktops require certain hardware installation and software optimization. Leave that to us.

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